Meet at Oder. Festival on Xawery Dunikowski boulevard

IMG_8113_miniOn April 16, we invite Wroclaw residents to have fun at the newly renovated Xawery Dunikowski boulevard. You will find there attractions divided into 5 zones – food, sports, presentation, initiatives, and children.

The schedule includes guided tours and water cruises. There will be a professional guide showing off the boulevard. On the Oder River there will be ships offering cruises for a symbolic token. Proceeds from the collection will support Wroclaw Hospice for Children.

During the festival, Wroclaw residents will be photographed by professionals from the Strop studio. This will be a special show of street fashion that will later move to the Instagram page “Wroclaw on the Oder”, where the fashion gallery will be created!

Opening hours: 11 am – 5 pm

– At noon there will be vessels gala
– Children’s animations (“Academy of the Little Captain”, “” Foundation, Hobbit Foundation)
– Food trucks, coffee and lemonade
– Rowing race, dragon boat shows

For more information see the Facebook event.