Meet a new female dwarf – partner of Odra Washer. Do they fit to one another?

pralinka1The appearance of Pralinka shook the world of dwarfs. Many have tried to catch her attention. Eventually, her heart skipped a beat for Odra Washer. It’s hard to say what really brought them closer – a common profession or a common name…
The history of this relationship is charming. Odra Washer impressed the new female dwarf with his diligence, passion for order and a great love for the Oder River, by which the dwarf spends most time of his time. But there was something else that stole the heart of the newcomer. There are rumors among dwarfs suggesting that Odra-washer even showered the new friend … with pralines. Apparently he brought her countless boxes stuffed with chocolates. Well, Pralinka could not remain indifferent to such advances. And even though the dwarfs are few kilometers away from each other, it does not bother them to put love notes tucked in a paper ship on the Oder and Oława Rivera (tributary of the Oder River, which is close to Pralinka).
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