Little radio presenters, journalists, actors and financiers to start! Near You Academy recruits

fot. Owen Lucas/ Public domain 1.0/

fot. Owen Lucas/ Public domain 1.0/

The Near You Academy project is a series of classes, which are held at various locations in Wroclaw. By sending children to these workshops, parents can either choose to develop their strengths (using the Montessori method), or to teach them a chosen profession so that they can find their ideal passion.

Building on strengths (skills and talents) in childhood is intended to help in achieving success in adult life. The education plan in the Academy is based on the assumptions of Montessori pedagogy, recent studies related to neuro didactics, and the theory of mindfulness and activities of Jenifer Fox, who is involved in the building on strengths movement in the US. During the classes, children have the chance to improve their capacity for effective non-violent communication, teamwork, dealing with emotions, conflict resolution and speaking in public. This series is targeted for children in the following age groups: 7-10, 10-12, 12-15.

September’s open activities will be a good opportunity to test the skills of the trainers. For the price of 30 zloty, children will be able to choose a thematic block that interests them. It is a real treat for those who seek their passion or are fascinated by one of the following professions: dentist, journalist, manager, financier, actor, physiotherapist, geologist, florist, radio operator, investor or planner. The Academy of Professions will last for the next semester, but in September it will be easiest to decide which way to direct one’s interest.

Open activities of the Academy of Young Dentists will take place on September 14 and on September 15 there will be trial workshops as part of the Academy of Young Journalists, Radio Hosts, Managers and Florists. September 17 will be aimed at future financiers, and September 25, at aspiring actors. It is possible to book a workshop through the Near You Academy website.