Let’s welcome a new dwarf – Prince Witold!

Is Papa Dwarf’s position at risk? Or maybe Neptune should fear the separation of power? It is due to the fact that Prince Witold, a member of royalty, has recently become a new citizen of Wrocław.

 Prince Witold arrived in the city on November 14, 2016. He appeared unexpectedly, under cover of the night. It should also be mentioned that he came to Wrocław completely anonymously. This Dwarf is quite shy when it comes to his origin. Nevertheless, it must noted that truly blue blood flows in his veins. Prince Witold is a descendant of the Belgian King Arthur, the ruler of the local dwarf underground. So how did his son end up in Wrocław? Well, it is said that Prince Witold was meant to take over some of his father’s power in 2017. And since he wanted to see the world and other cultures beforehand he decided to take a gap year. When he was visiting various countries he heared many good things about the capital of Lower Silesia and its citizens. That’s why he came here. He became friends with the citizens of Wrocław and and other dwarves preety quickly. After that he did’n even want to think about leaving. He decided to stay, despite the fact that it involved renouncing the crown in his native land.

 There was only one problem. Nobody knew what was the dwarf’s name (he simply introduced himself as “a dwarf”). Therefore the citizens of Wrocław decided to organize a competition in which they would chose a name for him. This is how the new dwarf received the title of Prince Witold. Well, destiny can not be fooled. We do not know exactly what gave him avay … noble facial expression or long beard? Or maybe his fancy outfit – a cape and crown?

 The dwarf Prince Witold temporarily lives at 2 Garbary Street where the sales office of the Prince Bulevard is located, an investment of the Belgian developer BPI Poland. However, he will eventually settle witnin the estate, between the two distributaries of the Oder River.

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