Wróblewskiego 1-5

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Wrocław ZOO has a new resident. This time it not a lion or tiger cub, but… a dwarf. Quite opposite the other inhabitants, he does not require any care, but himself helps to tend the animals. He took a special liking to the hippos.

There are some controversies about this dwarves name. Some say his name is Hippo-cleaner, others call him Zoologist, but the nam Hippie also can be heard. As all the zoo residents, he has gotten a scientific name – Zoognomus hipopotamensis. We can promise to ask him how he wishes to be called at the nearest occasion.

This dwarf is dressed in a perfect and traditional 19th century coat and cap of a nurse, always neatly cuts his beard and keeps his shoes shiny. He helps to look after the hippos. With great care and accuracy he ensures that they are clean and have a nice smell. Where did this sentiment to charming hippos come from? When asked, the Zoologist answered only “no comment”. Rumour has it that these animals are the only ones that can understand the dwarf jargon and since dwarves are rather talkative then no wonder he prefers to make his daily hard work a little more pleasant by chatting to the animals.

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