Bank Zachodni WBK, Rynek 9/11

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A regular customer of the wdarf branch at BZ WBK bank at Wrocław Market Square. Once in a while he disappears to spend the money he took and then always comes back for more cash.

Withdrawer, by some people also referred to as Spender (this name seems most accurate having in mind his remarkable skill to continuously run out of money) has also a very important role. He protects the dwarf branch from possible robberies and thefts.

Of course, he prefers to take out more and more banknotes, yet if there’s a need he can defend the ATM bravely and chase the intruder (such as the Odra Goblin) away. Thanks to his effort also Big Humans may feel safe about their ATMs nearby. Withdrawer will always react on time and notify competent authorities. Nothing escapes his attention.

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