Water dwarves: Paper-shi-maker, Bird-feeder, Gardener, Actor, Willow, Umbreller, Water-collector

plac Teatralny 4

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They live in the fountain in front of the Wrocław Puppet Theatre. Judging by their appearance, for example caps different than other city dwarves – they are not from here. It is however no surprise, in these times of global migrations. Wrocław is a home for them and they spend their time together in concord, on the water and below. In the middle of the fountain there is Willow, sitting on a tree and reading a book. Right beside him we have the Umbreller and the Water-collector and on the other side you can see the Paper-ship-maker and Bird-feeder. Actor and Gardener decided to stand aside a little. They probably prefer not to have water pouring down their collars.

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