Grunwaldzki Centre, Rondo Regana

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Are there any umbrellas made in Wrocław? Yes, moreover – there is a company with centuries of tradition behind it. They are actually based not in town, but beneath…

By ‘beneath’ we understand the underground Dwarf City. Obviously, as everything connected to it, the company owned by Umbrella-makers is very mysterious. Yet, every citizen and tourist may see the products being tested by the brothers, owners of the factory. They do the testing at the courtyard of Grunwaldzki Centre office building.

The location isn’t random at all, considering that the Centre, a highly modern structure, hosts only the biggest and international companies. It is said that their umbrella manufacture may be compared only to the best guilds in London and Paris and the exact founding date is further in the past than even the oldest dwarves remember.

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