ul. Żmigrodzka 141

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In the dwarf world time passes casually, and the businesses of Little Ones enjoy full freedom. Dwarves don’t need to pay taxes. Yeah, right, what is this, a fairy tale?

Benjamin Franklin once said that there are only two things certain in this world – death and taxes. World of Wrocław dwarves is no exception in this case. Fortunately, their taxes are at very reasonable levels.

Tax collection is dealt with by Treasurer. He came to Wrocław in the early renaissance from northern Italy, where first modern banks developed at that time. By order of Papa Dwarf and the Dwarf Council he reorganized the public finances of the Little Ones. The decisions involved paying less for the bureaucracy and Council Members started acting pro public bono. Treasurer assumed that dwarves are wise enough that they don’t need further government interventions. If Council Members have so much time, then they better earn their living instead of producing meaningless and senseless procedures.

These rules have remained unchanged. That’s way also the taxes don’t need to rise. Only those who earn the most nee to pay them and the rate does not exceed their weekly earnings. This results in full and on-time payments of all taxes.

Thanks to this simple recipe dwarves do not need to maintain a tax office. Treasurer deals with this on his own. Occasionally he needs some fellow companionship so he frequently visits the Lower Silesian Treasure Office on Żmigrodzka Street. He is always astonished by the amount of useless paperwork that the Big Humans need.

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