Plac Grunwaldzki 22

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This remarkable dwarf does not step away from his human companion. As other little fellows say, he has to take care of his Knight. After all, sometimes a Squire proves to even more courageous.
People and dwarves say that the Knight from Grunwaldzki Square came from the faraway land of Albion together with his faithful Squire. One of the dwarves, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that the proud posture, delightful armour and flawless features are only an appearance. ‘All valor and strength of his is the little Squire’ persuades our informant. Squire has pulled the knight out of trouble more than just once. Wits and bravery won many duels and tavern brawls.
‘He’s a tough guy, even took care of the Knight’s father, had numerous adventures for these past 200 years’ declares the anonymous dwarf. One can sometimes get the impression that Squire remains by his Master out of a habit only. There are Dwarf-Knights even in Wrocław and it would be much better to serve them. Squire, however, has a sense of duty. ‘Someone needs to look after this moron’ he allegedly yelled after a few pints.

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