Splasherbelly and Wetheeler

Borowska 99

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They are the dwellers of the Wrocław Aquapark. During the day they cheer people up relaxing in the water. But in the night, they rule one of the greatest attractions of the Lower Silesia. As it was said before, they are both famous multi-medalists of the dwarf Olympics. Unfortunately, they are not eager to speak about these past achievements. They are too humble to boast, that they have won a few dozen golden discs.

It is worth mentioning though, that the competitions in which Splasherbelly and Wetheeler are famous of include: speed water splashing, team bubble making and basin races. This of course doesn’t mean, that they don’t have any real swimming skills. They’ve come to live in the Aquapark to promote water activities and to guard dwarves who come in the night to have some fun too. Oh yes. When the night falls, the Aquapark is seized by the citys’ tiny citizens.

They have a part of the park hidden under the hill of gen. Anders, and big people can only dream about seeing it. We can only imagine what amazing things lie in the dwarf Aquapark.

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