ul. Kiełbaśnicza 24-25

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There is no such sleepyhead as our Snorer. He has permanently booked a place outside Patio Hotel. Snoring with pleasure in his soft bed, he gets up only once in a while and when nobody watches. He then stretches a bit and looks around. The moment someone approaches – he jumps into his bed, because someone might take it first…
Recently, at Kiełbaśnicza street, right outside the entrance to Patio Hotel, a new dwarf has settled – by the name of Snorer. To be fair – he actually fell asleep at a nice soft bed, his hand stretched out and face snoring, due to the daily tiredness. He made himself comfortable on the bed, leaving his shoes (as every decent dwarf would) standing neatly beside the bed and his coat hanging over the bed.
Proud of his spot, booked permanently for him – as the nearby sign says – he doesn’t pay attention to the hotel guests who are positively surprised by his presence. He sleeps well, quietly snoring under his nose. Only when nobody’s around, he rises from his beloved bed to stretch a little and wander around. However, when someone approaches he jumps back to keep the bed for himself… Let’s snore together on Kiełbaśnicza Street then!

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