ul. św. Mikołaja

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The dwarf that calmly sleeps at the crossroads of Odrzańska and Św. Mikołaja Street, next to the entrance to Dwarf City. A unique kind of guard, who spends most of his time in the arms of Morpheus…

This is the dwarf that was told to keep watch over the entrance to Dwarf City. Unfortunately, he was idle and lazy since forever, so he didn’t treat the task seriously enough and as he leaned on the stone structure, he fell deeply asleep. He awakes only from time to time when a scent of delicious food starts to float around. Currently nobody is able to say whose idea it was for Sleepyhead to take this post, but the author must have noticed the mistake because he or she doesn’t admit it anymore. It is also unclear why the Wrocław Dwarf Committee doesn’t relief Sleepyhead of his duty. Some say that the gates to Dwarf City are so small that there is no risk whatsoever of anyone intruding. Better to keep this dwarf on a meaningless post than trust him with something more important. Another theory says that the loud snoring of Sleepyhead poses as a signal and helps to find the actual entrance. There are even voices saying that he will wake only when the Garrison Church is endangered. There are rumours that it is thanks to him that the roof fire in 1975 was extinguished, because he got up right in time to warn people. Perhaps this is the reason for no one trying to fire this peculiar, unique guard.

Even the eldest dwarves don’t remember him waking up for longer than it’s necessary to eat the evening meal. Quite uninterested in what is going around, a short while after having something to eat he stretches lazily, slurps a little and closes his eyes. Once in a while he wakes up, looks into the sun, mumbles something under his nose. It would be very naïve to think that one has even a chance of exchanging a few words with him. Waking Sleepyhead up is not an easy task and if you succeed, the most that you’ll get is a reluctant look from under the hat together with being ignored. Apparently there were some people who managed to get some words in Ancient Dwarfish from Sleepyhead, however due to our care for the readers we shall not translate them…

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