ul. Świdnicka

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If there was a contest for the most popular dwarves in Wrocław, Sisyphers would definitely make it to one of the three best positions. As time goes by, these to hard-working dwarves seem to become one of the main symbols of Wrocław. Residents know and like them pretty well, the same is for tourist. Though not the smartest, Sisyphers have easily gotten into the hearts of Big Humans.

No one really knows their true names – they’ve been asked numerous times, but are too busy to answer. People simply know and call them Sisyphers. These diligent Little Fellows had a strong desire to help Humans. So they decided to assist in the surrounding renovations. Without giving it much thought they began rolling the nearest granite ball assigned to decorate Świdnicka Street. Like we said, they were never perceived as particularly smart, so no wonder they started this task in a somewhat… unusual way. While one of them tries to push the ball ahead, the other one blocks it with his legs and tries to roll it down the street. This way the two companions struggle against each other without realizing it for a couple years now.

Despite being mocked and ridiculed by their fellow dwarves and kindly uninformed by tourists, both dwarves put great effort into finishing their task.

They make their attempts with such commitment that didn’t even notice when the ball was moved to its spot and attached to the ground. People say that the workers who renovated the street were so amused by the dwarves that they discretely moved them together with the ball and didn’t disturb them in their diligence.

Thus are these avid dwarves a reason to laugh for passers-by even today. Children are delighted and each photo-amateur is attracted as well. Besides the popularity rank, they might also get outstanding marks in a contest for the most photogenic among dwarves in Wrocław

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