ul. Więzienna

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Day by day he remains behind thick bars by Więzienna Street. To his leg a heavy ball and chain are cuffed. What is he guilty of? That information’s been lost for a while.

Sources state different versions of the story of how he got to be imprisoned. Might be that he was convicted for an anarchistic crime of shaving off his beard – conduct unworthy of a true dwarf. Others say that he was once called Lazy and overslept the annual dwarf parade for which he was sentenced. But the truth is quite different. He was guilty of uncontrollable appetite.

Glutton (as he used to be called) and the Dumplinger were once best friends. They both came to Wrocław drawn by the famous taste of local dumplings. They even sometimes took them from surprised tourists. Their ways diverged when Glutton ate his friend’s dumplings.

Stealing food from Big Humans is not considered a crime by dwarves. Just an innocent hobby. However, stealing from another dwarf is a serious offence. Dwarves are tolerant and believe that others can change, so Glutton was ordered community work – that is keeping an eye on the vats of souring milk. As you all know, such milk is created when dwarves pee into a regular one.

This task was unfortunately beyond him. He drank all the milk making it impossible fordwarves to do one of their main duties. Finally, the Dwarf Committee decided to put him behind bars by Więzienna Street.

He remains there up to today, and hardly anyone remembers his true name now. It can be only uncovered from the dusty Court Registers. All of us know him as the Prisoner.He kept only his appetite. His favourite meals are pies with hidden metal files.

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