ul. Grodzka

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A fan of knowledge and books in which he finds it. With a classic educational background, he knows many languages including latin, greek and old-dwarf. He has been taking care of the Ossolineum library collections for many years. He admits to treat the parts from Wrocław with a special sentiment.

Seemingly absent, or maybe buried in his thoughts Ossolineo spends most of his day sitting by the fence in the Ossolińskich Backstreet. He comes from a very honourable and old family. For this reason at least he is very well-educated, with skills in several languages and ability to recite the world classics by heart. He does all duties his family has done for ages.

He helps catalogue books, dusts off the valuable volumes and makes sure that no book is missing. In free time he sits on a bunch of books and reads books that he hasn’t read before, but there is less and less of those. It seems then, that we will meet him in front of another library soon…

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