ul. Prusa 64/74

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One of the dwarves that live here for a very long time. He is declared the best of all warriors among dwarves, though he never uses violence without a good reason.

As a very young dwarf he started service for the local Lord Piotr Włostowic. Up to this day, he commemorates those days by still carrying the herb of Wrocław from that time.

His name is derived from a district in town that was originally a small nearby village. Lord Włostowic had founded a monastery here. He declared Olbinus the gurad of that order.

For centuries the dwarf has faithfully served all rulers of the city, with no regard to their nationality.

He always took care of his beloved neighbourhood, although few among its residents are aware of that fact.

Now he lives in the 107th Primary School on Prusa Street, the school which as built on the foundations of the medieval monastery. Despite his dangerous looks, he loves children and they love him. He loves to tell tales about the past of Wrocław and often helps teachers run history lessons.

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