Odra Washer

bulwar Włostowica

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Washer has once already been chosen for the Dwarf of the Week column, still his latest adventures made our team to once again recall this particular and unusual dwarf. His abduction, search campaign and the final rescue is a ready script for an action movie. Not the first one in Washer’s life.
He belongs to the group of first dwarves that revealed themselves right after Papa Dwarf did so. Apparently his life story is full of adventures and incredible journeys. He personally does not enjoy talking about that. That and his unquestionable bravery.
Before the last abduction Washer’s life was full of extraordinary events.
He is a hero not only for the city dwarves, but also for many Humans who know the story from the time of the flood. Legend says that Washer was the first to notice the High Water. When he noticed the water levels rising he filled his cap with sand and started the heroic defence of Ostrów Tumski against the waves.
Washer doesn’t like to listen about his heroism. He would rather think about his daily duties. After all, it’s his achievement that the caps and hats of all city dwarves remain as red as before for all these years. So let all those who walk along Włostowica Boulevard that here they can see the silent hero of Wrocław.

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