Mr. and Mrs. Dwarf

ul. Włodkowica 20/22

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Happily in love, just married. Their story is one of a true love overcoming all difficulties.

For many centuries now there has been a bloody vendetta of two ancient clans, whose youngest offspring decided to make a dramatic mistake, tying their lives together until a premature death of them made it clear to the elders of both families, how pointless and pathetic their conflict really is… Let’s leave such things to Shakespeare. In case of Mr. and Mrs. Dwarf the situation was much less dramatic, though their story is also not too simple.

Mr. Dwarf is a member of the dwarf aristocracy – the son of Papa Dwarf. Meanwhile the present Mrs. Dwarf – formerly known as Berry – is a simple dwarf girl, whose ancestors lived up to the 19th century outside of town, plaiting horsehair. Papa Dwarf was reluctant to allo such a misalliance. But since the refusal to wed one’s own child is a very serious sin among the Little Ones, he decided to send his son to a diplomatic post in Italy, were dwarves have a colony. He hoped for the sun, beaches and charming Italian lady dwarves will make his son forget about Berry.

The young couple suffered, even more because of the fact that a diplomatic cadency for dwarves is 10 years. After a couple of years Berry disappeared and almost everybody forgot about her. Ho surprised they all were when Mr. Dwarf came back with Berry as his wife.

As we now know, Berry decided to walk to Italy on foot. It took her two years, full of dangers and difficulties, but she managed to reach Rome and wed her beloved.

Papa Dwarf quickly accepted her. It appears that she’s a very clever lady, excellent housekeeper and thanks to her journey also aware of the world much more than other dwarves (except maybe for Explorer).

If you want to meet Mr. and Mrs. Dwarf, you should check the entrance of the Register Office on Włodkowica Street, where they constantly give their congratulations to the Human couples. They also perform the weddings for dwarves, on behalf o Papa Dwarf.

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