Wyspa Słodowa 10

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Not many people are aware that this heroic dwarf even exists. And it is thanks to him that residents of Wrocław had any flour for the past years.

The Miller came to Wrocław at the same time as the first mills. He belongs to the clan referred to by other dwarves as the Busy Bees. These dwarves help people in their work. Miller specializes in machinery used to mill crops. For centuries he worked unnoticed in the mill called Maria on Ostrów Tumski.

When workers of the mill ended their shift and left to lay down tired, Miller took his turn. He oiled all parts of the machinery, fixed small defects. Thanks to his effort the mill worked perfectly well for years and people always had fresh flour at hand.

Since the Maria Mill has closed, Miller has enjoyed a well-deserved retirement. Presently he only treats bakery as a pastime and struck a deal with one baker. The baker will sell Miller’s products to Humans under his own name, keeping his existence a secret.

Once in a while Miller sits at the river bank and smokes his pipe, blowing out smoke in the shape of fresh buns.

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