ul. Komandorska 66

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If you’re looking for an expert in trade and bargaining, I am proud to introduce Merchant. Before he settled in Wrocław a couple months back, he led a life of a travelling trader. It seems, that everyone finally finds the perfect place to live.

Merchant lives by the shopping mall on Komandorska Street. He doesn’t trade as much as he used to. He offers advice to the Merchant Guild, whose representatives travel all around the globe and bring various exotic products to the Dwarf City.

He is also a member of the special economic advisory team by the Dwarf Committee. It mostly thanks to him that dwarves needn’t worry about the economic crisis.

What is he doing by the shopping mall then? As he says – he likes to observe the commercial life of our city and teach some bargaining techniques to younger traders. Besides that, he uses the opportunity to pursue his private initiative of promoting the strongest currency in the world – the Dwarf Thaler. He secretly believes that Wrocław will introduce the Thaler instead of some Euro.

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