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Silently, not seeking any fame or recognition, one of the dwarves does a titanic job, for other dwarves to enjoy the electricity, light and energy. It’s the Luminator, who (as his very name suggests) cares about the light.

As we know the Little Ones are pretty traditional and conservative men, reluctantly looking at technological innovations and progress. Among exceptions to this rule there is Luminator, who tries to be always up-to-date with the tech news. No wonder, he needs this knowledge and skills for work. That’s why Luminator uses a laptop when at work and at night he switches on a lamp over his head. This way he can also continue after dusk. Nobody knows when does Luminator rest or sleep.

His commitment or maybe even workaholism, is not a whim or caprice. It’s a necessity. Without his effort the Dwarf City would drown in absolute darkness. Dwarves would hae to stop helping Humans and sleep all the time due to a complete lack of energy. So Luminator works without non-stop and solves every problem of the dwarf energetic industry on his special laptop.

You can admire him at the headquarters of EnergiaPro Gigawat at 16 Powstańców Śląskich Square.

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