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He knows all the ways into Dwarf City. You can easily recognise him by the huge key. Is Keymaker not afraid to carry it round and show the Big Humans?
Much has been written recently about the City-Under-Ground, but we still don’t know much about this place, which some say is extraordinary. The same is for location of entrances and ways to open them. This is the Keymaker’s domain.
Why is he not afraid to sit by one of the busiest city streets? As dwarves say, it would be hard to find a giant strong enough to take the key from him (one cutpurse found that out when he only managed to split a tiny part from the key). Even if someone accomplished that, he would not know how to use the key.
It has been made with ancient technology and is bound to the owner. The key also decides who will be its successor, but that’s a thing of the distant future.

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