ul. Kurzy Targ

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It’s a dwarf of dignified manners, who came to Wrocław from Great Britain. As a typical Briton, he simply cannot imagine a day without his cup of tea, drunk with the little finger culturally stretched out.
Ancestors of Infuser have belonged to the british royalty of dwarves. Unfortunately, due to an unsuccessful investment made into a ladybird ferm he lost the wealth inherited from his family and had to flee overseas.
For his new home he chose Wrocław – the most friendly city for dwarves. He spends time teaching savoir-vivre to young dwarves.
You can usually meet him in the café “Esencja” by Kurzy Targ Street, where he enjoys a cup of tea. After all, emigration is no reason to abandon an ancient and honourable custom of the five-o’clock teatime.

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