ul. Wyspiańskiego, Politechnika Wrocławska budynek C-13

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Contrary to the first impression, this dwarf doesn’t sleep on his pile of thick books, but thinks intensely. A well educated and well-read gentleman, he wonders about the sense of life and seeks answer to the most important phylosophical questions.

Highbrow as he was named after arriving by the C13 building at Wrocław University of Technology, has been a silent and thoughtful fellow since his childhood. The spot is not random at all. As a holder of all possible titles in physics and chemistry, obtained at dwarf universities throughout Europe, he feels at home here. When he learned almost all the knowledge available from books he decided to dive into the depths of philosophy, which as we learn from history, was frequently an area of interest to great scientific minds. Since that moment he spends most of the time thinking.

Lost in his world, he looks for the answers to the most important questions of humanity, asked by all philosophers history knows. Silent and buried deep in his thoughts he does not participate in the daily life of dwarves, which makes him a target of some jokes and ironic remarks. Some even say that he tries to learn through sitting – a dwarf equivalent of putting books under one’s pillow.

When invited to join the Wrocław Dwarf Committee he refused saying that he has no time for such foolishness. His one and only friend is the Book-lover, with whom he sometimes meets for an evening tea.

Students who pass him by claim, that they can hear his heavy sighs. From time to time he comes out with a melancholic and mysterious “ah, yes, yeeeeeeeeeees”. Nobody really knows for what reason does he hold the pen in his hand, what does he want to write down? Perhaps he is working on some exceptionally important formula or equation. But that we’ll probably never know. Unless maybe someone smart will manage to start an educated discussion and persuade him to share it?

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