Guardian and baby-dwarf

ul. Parkowa 2

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The children’s favourite, their most faithful companion, dedicated caregiver. Shortly – Guardian. On a daily basis, he lives by the Children’s House on Parkowa Street in Wrocław.

He doesn’t fear snow or cold, and his heart is burdened only with the wellbeing of the kids. You only need to look into his eyes to see the kindness and altruism. Guardian is also very busy looking after a small baby-dwarf. Despite this fact, he never says no to giving advice or playing with the residents of that House.

It would be hard to find a second dwarf like this one. Why? All the dwarves like children and make friends with them, but few dedicate all their time or even all their life to helping the unlucky ones. He doesn’t fob off anyone, that comes and needs him, but he listens, comforts, understands. If you ever need him, find Parkowa Street. Guardian waits for you all days and all nights long

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