ul. Gwarna 5-7

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This dwarf is sometimes called the Halberdier. He’s the most vigilant among all dwarves of Lower Silesia. Hiding from the eyes of tourists he resides in a niche above the entrance to Wrocław’s City Watch precinct in the Market Square. As a member of the law enforcement he is responsible for maintaining order among dwarves.

Guard belongs to the group of dwarves that don’t like to stand out, so he is not easy to spot. An indefatigable keeper of order, he does his duty day and night, vigilantly watching for signs of misdemeanour and unlawful conduct. And since everything is more visible from above, he doesn’t leave his post even for a second in fear of missing something. Wrocław City Watch (which enlisted Guard as an honourable officer) values the cooperation very highly. He is said to be involved in putting away the Prisoner and catching the perpetrators of the April Fool’s Day Street Name Switch Operation.

Although many speak highly of his vigilance and professionalism, little of you know that he became a guard by pure coincidence. Apparently, many years ago a dwarf rogue embarrassed him by signaling an upcoming danger and waving in the opposite direction. The scamper escaped quickly with his loot, while Guard got so excited by his role that he keeps his watch until today, because… nobody has called him off yet! As time went by, he gained experience and felt the calling, thus becoming the most vigilant of all dwarves in Wrocław. He makes all the villains and pickpockets and other dangerous individuals afraid. Having in mind his beginnings as the Guard, he was not content with the appearance of Columnists who with no lesser attention watch the streets from their lamps in search for danger. When informed that some light-hearted dwarves decided to climb above the heads of Humans and watch the neighbourhood from an undwarfly height, he snorted with disapproval ‘Amateurs!”.

In the end, by order of Papa Dwarf he had to share his responsibilities with the Columnists and they had to accept his superiority. Even today though, Guard speaks of the Columnists with some kind of disregard.

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