Gardener and Manager

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He can be met in the Botanical Garden, one of the more colourful places in Wrocław. He is one of the two botanical dwarves. Wait a second? Two? To be accurate one of the three botanical dwarves, but let’s leave this subject for the moment. He was already described  in this column . Today we remind the story of Gardener and his companion.

Gardener appeared in the Wrocław’s kingdom of plants a long while ago. Usually he picked the night. Big Humans who work in the garden were constantly shocked – where do these unknown types of plants come from? It seems however, that the night has become short – Gardener has too much to do.

Second botanical dwarf and his musical interests will be described soon. That leaves us with the third one. Many of us does not notice him, and Gardener tries two sneak through the alleys and hide what does he have in the wheelbarrow. For sure we can say that we see a dwarf crushed by a giant onion. All other news are just legends, rumours and other conjectures. Some say that this is the Garden’s Manager being thrown out, others claim that it is just simply a dwarf lost after attending a honey tasting party. The conclusion should probably be left to your collective imagination.

The Botanical Garden has recently been an area of increased dwarf activity. Some people whisper that the Little Ones are planning something, others say that it is simply spring coming. We also didn’t fail to notice some strange fuss going on behind the gate of the gardens, in various kinds of places around Ostrów Tumski. Are those dwarves planning to surprise us?

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