ul. Kiełbaśnicza 20

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A true globetrotter! Though long journeys are not in dwarves’ nature, he has no competition in this department. During his not-so-short life he saw a lot, yet still due to his unstoppable travelling curiosity he packs his bags and sets off on another journey towards unknown.

Love for adventure, courage and great interest in the world, together with the tact, refinement and natural sensitivity – these are his strengths. Since he was a little boy he proved an unusual curiosity, making his parents sick of various questions. He climbed trees, searched rabbit holes, explored the underground tunnels of Wrocław – simply speaking he did all things he wasn’t supposed to do as a young dwarf. Year by year his curiosity made him go further and further out of the city. He packed a small bundle and disappeared for a couple days. His mother wondered who will he grow up to be? One day the young Explorer (which name he would receive years later) told her, that he is going to board a barge and set off with the rafters. Packed his stuff and off he went. Every once in a while sent a postcard, ensuring that he’s fine and adventures end well. When his parents received a letter with foreign stamps they knew – their son will need some time to get home.

They were right – having explored Poland our Explorer decided to experience the world. Travelled from one country to another until Europe just wasn’t enough. He went to Africa for a couple years, then to South America. Stopping off to see the United States he headed to Asia. When Asia was checked of the list he directed his steps towards Australia. Every dozen or so years he stopped by in Wrocław to drop off the numerous souvenirs and marvelous stories. Soon he became the idol of young dwarves. The youngsters listened, holding breath, to his anecdotes and blood-chilling stories. He barely had time to greet his family, unpack and share his stories – and then again he started planning the next trip. After two years he announced that he’s beginning to be like the Couch Potato and declining all invitations – disappeared again.

Tiny globetrotter caused so much interest that whenever he dropped by for a moment in Wrocław, at once invitations for numerous meetings came. For coffee, for tea, for a slice of cake. Everyone was curious about his new adventures.

It is said that the longest time he spent in one place were the islands of Great Britain, where he goes sometimes to visit old friends. Supposedly there he learned that refinement of his and speak with an aristocratic accent. We need to be honest and admit it – after years of travel there is nothing left of the unruly youth. He walks with a smile on his face, kind manners, became much more serious and thoughtful.

When after decades of travelling, his family home just couldn’t accept any more souvenirs, he decided to move into a hotel. It’s hardly a surprise then, that you can meet him on Kiełbaśnicza Street, next to the Art Hotel. He appeared in that spot quite recently and much points to a conclusion that he won’t move for a while. At least for a little longer than usual. Why? Because he decided to write a guide around the most interesting places in Europe. Other continents are in the pipeline and then maybe multi-volume memoirs? Obviously the writing of each book will be intercepted with a small tour… So don’t be surprised if you go to Kiełbaśnicza and find no one there.

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