Kuźnicza 10

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A gourmet and fan of good food. Above all delicacies he puts a plate of hot and richly decorated with onion Russian dumplings. As he allows himself and does not hold his appetite, his smile never goes away. No doubt, this is one of the most content dwarves in Lower Silesia.

Dumplinger did not settle on his spot by coincidence. He likes to eat well and dining at a restaurant with traditional cuisine is the best option for him. They say he was a good cook himself, at least in the past. Constant nibbling during the cooking made it impossible to serve the food to guests, because there was nothing left. Dumplings were always an important dish for him and since Lower Silesia is well-known for its delicious Russian dumplings – he instantly decided to visit.

As many other dwarves he enjoyed stealing dumplings from Humans’ plates. He was so good and deft at this that before the poor victim realized, the plate was already empty. Waitresses helplessly shrugged at the complaints of clients and when asked the question ‘Who ate my dumplings?’ they answered ‘Dwarves most likely”. After a while, Dumplinger became to impudent and got caught more often than not. When smacked on the hand with a fork, he hastily retreated under the table. News about the dumpling thief soon spread across town. Dumpling lovers began watching their plates closely. Lucky for him, people seemed to like him and started sharing their dumplings willingly. Especially tourists endorse him, as they like to make photos with him holding a dumpling on a fork. A noticeable belly makes it clear that he is popular, but like an addict – he won’t miss any opportunity to eat a bit. Any offer of a dinner or supper, a cooking contest jury – he will be delighted to accept.

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