Piłsudskiego 66

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Blimey! Dwarves from Wrocław do have a thing for gambling. Poker-boy, Gambler and Lucky-one have just opened the first dwarf casino!
Right next to the Olimpic by Piłsudskiego Street a second, miniature gambling establishment. Leaders can be pointed out easily – Poker-boy, Gambler and Lucky-one. From morning until late in the night they play cards, roulette and on jackpot machines. The stakes are sometimes sky-high, tables flooded with coins and each day there are more players. At night, dwarves from all areas of Wrocław abandon their usual spots and move to the vicinity of their casino. If you happen to pass by, you may always try a round of poker with the Croupiers. But beware, they really know what they are doing, so the risk of losing a fortune is entirely yours…

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