Szewska 10

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He has one hand on the handlebar, with the second he greets passing drivers and pedestrians. Who’s that? Chopper-dwarf, first motorist among the Little Ones in Wrocław, a dedicated friend of all those who love driving motorcycles.

Although he constantly roams the streets of Wrocław on his bike, you are most likely to catch him somewhere near the St. Mary Magdalene’s Cathedral on Szewska Street. It’s the usual meeting spot of the bikers, where they lively discuss all the topics related to their beloved vehicles. Chopper-dwarf, the smallest of them all, always has some advice, kind word or a helping hand for his friends.

‘Sometimes my fellow dwarves ask me to let them ride my motorcycle. Unfortunately I know how difficult it is, so I never let them drive. Still, I’m very happy to take them as passengers through the streets of our beautiful town’ he declares.

Members of the Wratislavia Bikers Association” came up with the idea of inviting a dwarf to their group. Thanks to their effort and commitment we have the first dwarf that is a pride owner of a driver’s licence. The figure of this charming dwarf was created by Matylda Mika.

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