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At the moment, most dwarves in Wrocław are vegetarian, who prefer juicy apples and fresh blueberries. The profession of a butcher is nevertheless one of the oldest and most respected and its history among Little Ones reaches the time of first settlements on Odra isles.

As you know, Wrocław was founded on a couple of isles. Due to that the first settlers (dwarves included) made river fish one of their key dishes. Obviously, dwarves had some problems with catching such a fish and the effort looked a little like the Eskimos hunting whales. When finally something was caught and dragged out of the river, Butcher took turn.

Butchers were always the oldest sons of the oldest dwarf clan in Wrocław. Their job was to flay the fish, dividing the meat between members of the community and minding that no one will walk hungry. In the middle-ages Europe was often affected by famine, so the Butcher was sometimes the most important dwarf in the village and the most just among them. No wonder that first representatives of this profession were mandatory members in the Wrocław Dwarf Council.

As years went by, dwarfs learnt from Big Humans how to grow plants and slowly ceased to eat meat. Presently it is very rare to see meat or fish on a dwarf’s table.

Still, members of the most ancient dwarf clan continue to perform the job of a Butcher and supply those traditional dwarves don’t like some fish. The present Butcher can be met on Na Jatkach Street. He has plenty of free time so eagerly poses for pictures and recollect the times when this street was busy all day long.

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