ul. Gen. Hallera 52, in front of CH Borek

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Where did the aeroplane loving dwarves come from? You see, Aeronauts have been long known for their love to DIY. In their workshop more and more inventions were created. A fascination with da Vinci and Wright brothers made them fall in love with flying.

Since then, all their free time was devoted to the construction of a machine that would allow them to rise into the air. After numerous attempts they made it and travelled to the Big World to check how the Big Ones live. Wrocław seemed best to them. They were charmed by the beautiful Christmas decorations, smiling people and quiet sounds of carols. In case of loneliness they can always go back to their friends and family. Employees at C.H. Borek say that Aeronauts do that from time to time, but most days they are there to help. Aeronauts seem to be the good spirits for Big Humans.

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