Rynek 48

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Critics claim that he’s the hardest case of a glutton the city has ever seen. He on the other hand calls himself a ‘connoisseur’ …

Globetaster is one of the most well-known of all Wrocław dwarves. Stretched out on a huge plate near the Pizza Hut restaurant at Wrocław Market Square. Stuffed like a pig he sleeps or wonders what else he could eat…

A thing for food he developed in the early childhood, when fed continuously with delicacies by his granny. As a grown-up dwarf he decided, as it is customary for dwarves, to go for a round-the-world journey. But as other Little Fellows seek wisdom and valuable experience in the wide world, Globetaster was interested in somewhat different opportunities. His objective was crystal clear – to eat his fill and find a place where the food and drink is at hand. After years of travel, guided by sentiment and consumer instinct, he decided to come back to Lower Silesia. His memory fed him with images of granny’s dumplings, cabbage with meat and mushrooms, locally known as Bigos and meat patties. Drawn by the excellent smells, he instantly headed to the Old Town of Wrocław. You can imagine the look on his face when he discovered that the centre is full of restaurants, bars, buffets and diners. He didn’t overthink it, just grabbed a spoon and plate from a restaurant kitchen and enjoyed the local specialties.

It is rumoured that stroking his belly brings luck and prospects of a dream journey. As to the journey we cannot guarantee anything, however stroking him repeatedly did not cause Wrocław to get the right to organize EXPO. Perhaps he was afraid that tourists will eat all the food?

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