How does the forest sound and what do you think of when you hear the word “tree”? Workshops in Lower Silesian Center for Film (DCF)

Byl-sobie-las-4-300x199With the release of the movie “Once upon a time there was a forest”, the Lower Silesian Center for Film and Klub Gaja invite children and parents to a workshop that will develop their sensitivity towards nature.

The film “Once upon a time there was a forest,” which tells fairy tales about trees, encourages viewers to reflect on nature, which is so often overlooked in our everyday life. The aim of the workshop is to develop sensitivity towards the environment, getting to know the value of nature and the development of ecological attitudes for the sake of the climate.

The meeting is interactive and tailored to a wide range of ages. The result of the workshop will be works of art that will create the crown of a tree, with leaves that contain words reflecting the sound of the forest. The prepared installation will welcome guests of the Lower Silesian Center for Film. The workshop will be run by Miłosław Bożek, educator of Klub Gaja.

The workshop will start at 5 pm in the Piano Bar (first floor of the Lower Silesian Center for Film). It can be attended by children of 7 – 12 years. The workshops are free. To book your place simply complete the form available at:

The Wroclaw premiere of “Once upon the time there was a forest” will be held on March 6 at 6 pm in the Lower Silesian Center for Film. Tickets can be purchased at the cinema box office for 20 zloty (normal) and 17 zloty (concessions). Against Gravity film distributor and Wroclaw Film Foundation invite you to the screening.