Holidays 2015 in Ossolineum

fot. Adam Smok/ (CC BY 2.0)/

fot. Adam Smok/ (CC BY 2.0)/

Wroclaw Ossolineum offers a range of free holiday activities. The range of themes is suitable for children aged from 7 to 12 years old. Holidays in Ossolineum is a chance to get to know the history of art and many interesting facts connected with the architecture of Wroclaw – especially those relating to bridges and footbridges.

Meetings will take place on every Thursday in July, always at 11 am, at the headquarters of Ossolineum on 37 Szewska Street. In order to participate in activities, it is enough to book a place by phone: 071 335 64 83 or email:

The program includes 4 meetings that will broaden children’s knowledge about the most important Polish and world-class artists. Children will be encouraged to interpret works of art and learn about the architecture of Wroclaw – our Venice of the North.

July 2
“On the trail of the missing collection”

A class dedicated to drawings of excellent master, Albrecht Dürer, that were once kept in Ossolineum in Lviv, and after World War II were dispersed. Together we will wonder what they represent and try to track their location. Once we are filled with knowledge and impressions, we will use our own artistic talents and draw. Classes will be led by Teresa Sokół.

July 9
“Not easy, but interesting – the challenge of a work of Jan Styka”

We will try to decipher a large picture of the famous Polish painter Jan Styka. We will find in it different patriotic elements, which tell many things about Polish history. We will look at the exhibition in search of other exhibits on similar subjects. Then, we transform into visionaries and predict the future of our homeland, transmitting out visions into artistic works. Classes will be led by Teresa Sokół.

July 16
“Venice of the North – stories about the bridges of Wroclaw”

Wroclaw is compared to Venice. What does the capital of Lower Silesia have to do with this Italian city, how did it used to look, and what secrets are hidden its? All this you will learn during the holiday meeting in Ossolineum.
Classes will be led by Grzegorz Polak

July 23
“Coins from the piggy bank of our parents”

What did the coins in our parents’ piggy bank look like? Are they different from those we use today? To find out, come to Ossolineum!
Classes hosted by Grzegorz Polak