“Hello Echo” preview of Animation Films as part of European Capital of Culture 2016

KinomanAs a part of the film program of the European Capital of Culture 2016, there will be the fourth National Festival of Children’s Animation Films “Hello Echo”. From May 9 to 10, small cinematography enthusiasts will present the results of their collaboration with experienced artists.

Small and adult participants of the festival will be able to enjoy the films made by children, attend concerts, meetings and film workshops. During the meetings with artists, children’s films with artistic heritage will be presented – there will be award-winning works featured at festivals and film events.

“Hello Echo” preview is the most popular forum for presenting children’s filmmaking in Poland. It will include screenings of more than two hundred animated movies, the contents of which will reveal children’s problems, emotions and fascinations. The HELLO ECHO project is implemented by Impart Festival Office 2016 in cooperation with the European Foundation for Film Education, the Department of Media Arts of Art Academy, the PANCIA Foundation and the New Horizons Association.

Admission for part of the events is free. For film screenings in New Horizons Cinemas one needs tickets, available in the office of Impart Festival 2016.

Every day, animated films on show will be grouped in three age categories. On the first day of the festival, which is Friday, there will be a micro concert and meeting with directors and workshops entitled “from a pencil to a computer”, “image framed in sounds”, “painted cadres”, and “animated backyard”.

Saturday will be the day of competition screenings, music and creative activities. The final concerts and meetings will be on Sunday. A detailed schedule is on the organizer’s website.