Guided tour of the Olympic Stadium on Women’s Day

stadion-olimpijskiThe Cognitive Center of the Centennial Hall is organizing a guided walking tour of the Olympic Stadium. The building, designed by Richard Konwiarz, was built in 1926, and this year it will undergo a complete renovation.

In March, in addition to the Olympic Stadium, participants of the Sunday walks will be able to explore the interior of the Center for Audiovisual Technologies (former the Film Studio) and the Astronomical Observatory of the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Wroclaw. There is also a spring walk through the picturesque Szczytnicki Park planned.

Guided walks are regular meetings of enthusiasts of the history of Wroclaw buildings. Participants will get a picture of old Wroclaw and its architectural transformations over the years.

Schedule of walks in March 2015:

08/03/2015 – Olympic Stadium (last guided visit before its renovation!)
15/03/2015 – Astronomical Observatory of the Astronomical Institute, University of Wroclaw
22/03/2015 – Spring walk in Szczytnicki Park
29/03/2015 – Center of Audiovisual Technologies, CETA (formerly known as Film Studio)

The cost of the walk is 5 zloty per person. Tickets will be available at the ticket office of the Cognitive Center of Centennial Hall just before the scheduled walk.