Great return of Present-giver. Christmas Market starts on Friday!

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From November 20 to December 22, Wroclaw Market will be once again be adorned with a Christmas market. On this occasion, as usual, the Wroclaw dwarfs will be joined by Present-giver.

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This lovely Wroclaw dwarf, who fulfills Christmas wishes, appears only once a year and his presence coincides with the presence of Christmas Market in Wroclaw. It is said that touching his hat three times makes all dreams come true…

What is more, apart from Present-giver, there will be more colorful dwarfs of a slightly larger size. Anyone who decides to have a photo with them will be able to find the photos on this page: Such a Christmas souvenir from Wroclaw will be downloadable to a PC in excellent quality, suitable for printing.

Near “At the Dwarf’s” cottage, there will be majestic reindeers with sleigh of Santa. Near the Christmas tree there will be a mailbox – everyone will be able to use it to send letters and cards to Santa with Christmas wishes.


20/11/2015 17:00
The official opening of the market, featuring a brass band

28/11/2015 14:00
Ice sculpting of figures and a workshop with a demonstration of ice sculpting techniques

11/28/2015 17:00
Intimate concert in “At the Dwarf’s” cottage

29/11/2015 17:00
Spectacular procession “In the land of fairy tales and fables”

04/12/2015 18:00
Welcoming of Santa

12/04/2015 18:30
The official illumination of the Christmas tree

12/05/2015 17:00
Christmas parade with Santa Claus

06/12/2015 18:00
Santa Claus concert of the brass band

12/12/2015 14:00
The Wroclaw Snow Queen – a demonstration of ice sculpting

13/12/2015 17:00
Winter Parade with Rudolph The Reindeer

12/19/2015 17:00
Christmas Carolers Parade

20/12/2015 15:00
The concert of Christmas carols

12/20/2015 17:00
Wroclaw carol singing – we invite everyone to sing along at Wroclaw Christmas tree! (Organizers: City of Wroclaw and the Angelus Foundation)