Great Book of Small Wishes on the Great Island

chcemy_przd_druk1Until the end of April, the people can decide what events will be hosted on the Great Island. The Światowid Center for Creative Activities is encouraging everyone to submit projects of cultural events that the center could arrange in Biskupin.

Ideas can be submitted through a questionnaire available on the website. Completed questionnaire should be sent to: or submitted in person at the registry of the ODT.

On the basis of submitted project proposals, cultural applications will be created to take part in the competition, which will be announced at the end of April. In this way, a Great Book of Small Wishes will be created to help Światowid to animate the local environment in accordance with the desires of the inhabitants. Their decisions will determine what art workshops, concerts, exhibitions, premieres and outdoor events will take place on the Great Island.

The questionnaire, “I wish … I wish … We want to” will help in identifying people’s cultural needs. All opinions and information provided are anonymous. The project is part of a fund financed by the National Center for Culture “Culture Center + Local Initiatives 2015”.

The survey is on the website of the organizer.