Dwarfobrities: walk the footsteps of dwarfs in the spotlight

zikusiaA Wroclaw artistic crew composed of Newsboy, Capitolist, Croupiers and Ziki not idle during the summer vacation. Since it is the time for regular dwarf tours, our little celebrities have decided to do something to attract the attention of the walkers.

We recommend starting your trip in the light of camera flashes and spotlights at the Capitol Musical Theatre, where the Capitolist, weary of the lazy summer season is waiting for you. You can find him at the Information Point in the yard of the Capitol. The dwarf is looking forward to the upcoming performances, which will take place during the weekend of 22-23 August. The last artistic season was exceptionally successful for the Capitolist. The Dwarf is thrilled by the new headquarters of the Theatre, but one must admit that with the beginning of the holidays he seemed to start diplaying some signs of frustration. The Capitolist, instead of practicing for shows, singing, dancing and rehearsing, reportedly holed up with a box of ice cream in an air conditioned room to admire the efforts of the actors from the audience. It’s totally unlike him! When will the Dwarf become himself again?

Near the temple of art that is the theatre, there is another place of entertainment, but in a completely different sense. At Piłsudskiego 66, next to the actual casino – the Olympic – the Croupiers have taken residence. What a gang! You have to be careful around those three! Poker-boy, Gambler and Lucky-one play cards, roulette and slot machines from dawn till the late night hours. Apparently, the game is for staggering sums and crowns heap on the table. Dozens of dwarfs visit the Croupiers. Recently, the Capitolist was also reportedly seen among them, but dwarfs say that he neither won a lot, nor did lose much. They quietly joked that he probably preferred to spend the money on sweets, dwarf ladies and revels around the other Wroclaw’s theaters.

And while we’re at male-female issues, it must be admitted that dwarfs, like humans, do not have to have great talent to be popular and sought after. Did you know whose beauty are all the she-dwarfs jealous of? Do you know which dwarf girl is the hearthrob for all the he-dwarfs? Well, there is the one that says of herself: “Experienced, but still young dwarfette who has found her dream home in the Ziko pharmacy at Świdnicka 48”. Yes, it’s Ziki. If Ziki were human, she would surely be a fashion blogger. But the world of dwarfs is not so very different from ours, so Ziki is engaged in a healthy lifestyle, she tracks the innovations in dermocosmetics and provides beauty advice.

Ever since Ziki took abode in Wroclaw, everyone has started living her private life, too. Officially it is known that from about 2014, Zikusia and the Capitolist are in a dwarfship. The Capitolist met Ziki when he was seeking advice on how to keep his blooming appearance and physical prowess for many more years. Apparently it was dwarlve at first sight. Newsboy can more about their adventures.

Newsboy can be found at the Okrąglak, a former newsagent’s, at Kościuszko Square. Now, as the Okrąglak has become a cosy cafe, the nicer it is to hear the Newsboy’s stories from the ‘What’s on’ chronicle. Recently, the dwarf’s life has been the romance of Ziki and the Capitolist. His keen journalist mind has sensed a crisis. One of the Croupiers has been reportedly wooing Ziki. Which one? We do not know. The paper’s informant would not tell. However, the Newsboy suspects the informant to be the Antiquarian, who is the resident of the DAES antique shop. He Antiquarian was reportedly visited by a Croupier to purchase expensive, antique jewelry. You may just guess who it was for!