Dwarflove: a romantic story of Interviewer and newlyweds

Panna_Młoda_i_Pan_Młody1-SiemIf there is to be wedding, it should definitely take place in a month with the letter ‘r’ in the name. Also, it would be good if the sun was shining and it was warm. Such requirements are set by big grown ups who are in love with other people. And how about dwarfs? Is September a month of dwarf weddings?

Interviewer asked himself these questions all the time. At night, instead of sleeping, he would think and search for information on a computer borrowed from the dwarf Wroclick.

“Wroclick, did you know that people exchange wedding rings during a wedding ceremony? Apparently, if they do, they will have to be together forever, and they must share everything. Why do they do it? They will have half of everything!”
“Yeah, I know” answered Wroclick. “And I think that they do not mind that too much. They may have to share a few things, but that does not mean that the lose anything. I think that in many cases they even gain.”
“But this is illogical. What can they gain in this way?”
Wroclick looked at Interviewer with an indulgent gaze.
“Oh Dwarf, you probably have never been in love … When you meet the one, you’ll see.”

wywiadek2Firstly, Interviewer got upset that no one wanted to help him understand these complicated issues between people, and soon afterwards he got sad. He realized that Wroclick may be right. Perhaps some things are better understood when they are also felt? Interviewer put on his headphones and decided to immediately go to Dialogomir to use the phone and call the editor-in-chief of the radio station suggesting an excellent topic for coverage!

Editors considered that the August weddings are perfect theme for summer events. Interviewer grabbed therefore his headphones and microphone and went on to do an interview with dwarf newlyweds who reside at the Registry Office.

“We are in August, in the middle of a hot summer. We are celebrating another wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Dwarf. How many years have you been together at the Registry Office?”
“Five long good years” said Berry Dwarf. “But the road to this place was very difficult for us. To this date I envy brides that seem to go to the wedding so carefree.”
“Is this carelessness a characteristic of human weddings?”
“Of course not!” laughed Mr. Dwarf. “My wife meant that most people and dwarfs normally do not have to fight for their relationship as we had to.”
“So, what is your story?”
“My father, Papa Dwarf from the beginning stood in our way. He did not like that I fell in love with a dwarf that does not come from dwarfistocracy. He even sent me on a foreign trip. For ten years I had to live in Italy without my Berry. But she luckily outsmarted everyone and came to me.”
“I was afraid to go on this journey alone. I did not know whether Mr. Dwarf still wanted to know me. I imagined that perhaps he had developed interest in an Italian dwarf lady” joked Mrs. Dwarf.
“And do such long distance relationships work at all?” asked Interviewer curiously.
“Oh, we know there are plenty of couples who came from various places in the world. There were also those who met via the Internet, or during a holiday trip. However, each of them came to the office, never to part from each other.”
“How do human vows look like and how do they actually differ from dwarf weddings?
“People say the vows, sign documents, exchange rings and then throw rice or small coins. They also have to get two witnesses – without them the wedding will not take place. We dwarfs do not need to take care of such details. The most important for us is the consent of dwarf parents. But they, fortunately, rarely refuse. More about our wedding ceremonies is known by Shomol who gives weddings and Anka, a tailor, who has already prepared many dwarf weddings.”

So Interviewer went to Anka, who just near the Registry Office has her own sewing workshop. Interviewer found Anka sitting on the threshold of the Bellissima salon. Before coming he learned from other dwarfs that Anka continues the tradition of tailoring of Sokolnicza Street, dating back over 60 years ago.

He thought that he would conduct an interview with her, in which he would ask why dwarf dresses are as white as the dress of ordinary women, but he gave up when he saw her. Warm and friendly Anka was ironing a veil when he came. He immediately noticed her lovely upturned nose, baby cheeks and a long braid. He did not say that he came to do stuff for the radio. He preferred to offer her a walk and cream cakes.