Dwarf Christmas preparations

Christmas tends to be much more confusing if one is as tiny as our dwarfs. Read about the kind of problems encountered by some of the Wroclaw dwarfs before Christmas.

Starting from the beginning… My family has been famous for generations for our delicious dumplings. Records of our products can be even found in dwarfs’ books! When you add to this the fact that I am a master at making dumpling dough, and I know everything about stuffing – it was obvious, therefore, that in my life I will work with just dumplings. This year, all the Wroclaw dwarfs placed orders for Christmas dumplings at my place! For a week, together with my assistants, we will not leave the kitchen, and I think after the Christmas break… I need another holiday.

KanapownikCoach Potato
For me, Christmas means problems. I have to get up from the couch to help with the preparations, buy gifts, and this year I had to find a Christmas tree. I’ll tell you this: it was tragic. Not only is finding trees corresponding to the size of dwarf houses almost impossible, but it is also terribly tiring to transport it. If it was not for some good people probably I would have never brought the Christmas tree home. I have done my share this Christmas already, the rest I will spend on the couch.

Marysia-Pięknisia (1)Pretty Mary
What should a female dwarf wear on Christmas Eve? I do not know myself. I went through all the shops and I did not find any suitable design, not to mention color (should I dress the color of a Christmas tree? Or maybe borscht and mushroom dumplings?), or most importantly, size. Dwarf dressmakers also refused to help, saying that they can barely meet their deadlines in making dresses for New Year’s Eve. And so, New Year’s Eve, another problem. If I knew what to wear… life would be easier.