Dwarf and Elf steam locomotives will take passengers on a tour around Wroclaw

PociągOn May 21, it will be possible to go on a historic train tour of Wroclaw. Two steam locomotives from Wolsztyn will carry tourists around the capital of Lower Silesia. It will be an attraction for everyone.

Steam locomotive Dwarf will pull cars from the ’80s. Passengers on the historic train route of Wolsztyn-Leszno-Wrocław-Leszno-Wolsztyn will change in Wroclaw to a specially substituted bus and take part in sightseeing. Tickets can be booked only via the internet, on this page.

On the same day, there will be another locomotive going around Wroclaw. It is called Elf and it will travel through the nostalgic stations of Nadodrze Wroclaw and Wroclaw Sołtysowice. You will see how the locomotive changes direction and how it refuels with water. Unfortunately, tickets for this trip have already been sold out, but the train should be an attraction for everyone who passes it.