DOCS AGAINST GRAVITY Festival aimed at children

fot. Lee Carson/ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/

fot. Lee Carson/ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/

The former Planete + DOC Festival was replaced this year by DOCS AGAINST GRAVITY. The new formula includes screenings of documentary cycles aimed not only at adults but also children. Children can choose from film proposals contained in the Okey-Dokey section and – as part of the school curriculum – can attend classes of Documentary Academy!

The festival started on May 8, but the events for children are still taking place until May 17. By the end of the week it is worth choosing a screening from the Okey-Dokey section. In this section there is a documentary cinema range for the youngest – children are invited along with their families. After the screening, the educator will stimulate discussion and encourage children to voice their own opinions. Children might be interested in the story of Matthew, an 8-year-old boy, who shortly after the start of a sailing course, sails into the sea on the small boat Optimist, which inspired the director to name his film after it.

What do you dream? is a film which features a boy from Chile as the main protagonist. Libko describes the dreams that one has growing up in the indigenous Mapuche culture. Dreams and fears are also present in the movie Once upon a time there was a tree, which became a leafy friend for a young girl. Trees live longer than people… unless they are destroyed.

Dreams that come true can bring joy but also new problems. The film Bente’s voice tells the story of a girl who, having participated in the program The Voice Kids, must cope with fame and make adult decisions. As it turns out in the movie The vacuum cleaners are great!, you can also gain fame in a more unusual way. Kyle, a 12-year-old from Michigan, has a special hobby – he collects vacuum cleaners. He already owns over 160 of them! His passion makes him become famous. However, being a local celebrity is not easy for him either.

The festival also creates an opportunity for afternoons at the cinema to become a whole family event. Therefore, those coming to the cinema during the festival can count on family gatherings and educational activities for children and youth.

These activities will be continued in the form of special workshops in the CHILD ZONE. It will be open on May 16 and 17. It will act as a kind of festival commons created specifically for parents who love cinema. Space on the first floor of DCF will be transformed into a playroom and space for workshops, where in a safe and inspiring environment you can leave your children in the care of employees of the festival and go watch a movie. Here, children can meet with their peers, participate in environmental workshops by Gaja Club and artistic classes run by the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum. Toys, extracurricular activities, and above all professional care is provided by DziecioLada, café-club from Wroclaw. Every day its creators are involved in the organization of leisure time for children.

The adventure of the documentary can be extended further for the entire school year. Documentary Academy is the only educational program in Poland which offers screenings aimed at younger viewers of documentaries. From the first grade until high school, the film taste of children can be refined, as a part of various thematic blocks: “I can do anything”, “The strength I have in myself”, “From another world”, “Never Give Up”, “Not alike”, ” My World”,” I understand you “.

As part of the Documentary Academy this year there will also be special screenings for seniors and teachers, and special workshops for youth and adults. For a detailed program of the Academy, please visit: