Crazy jazzdwarf Vertigo and his trombone improvisation

vertiguś1Vertigo came to Wroclaw at the request of Busker and Music-lover. These two dwarfs with a questionable musical reputation had been looking for another teacher for a long time, more or less from the time when the famous bard Bet Hoven fled from the city because of them.
This story was known to Vertigo, but he was not discouraged, he took it as a challenge. As soon as he received a letter from residents of Oławska Street, he abandoned all his previous activities (including a world tour across all continents) and moved to Wroclaw.
Soon he realized that the decision was unwise, because Busker and Music-lover are extremely knowledge-resistant disciples, even though their love of music cannot be denied. But he had incredible luck, which was revealed on April 30, shortly after he gave up the plan of teaching some good tunes to the amateurs. World Jazz Day was held in Wroclaw.
Vertigo was stunned with the world-class jazzmen, who arrived to the capital of Lower Silesia. Hurriedly he went with his trombone to the Vertigo club to show off his music skills.
Wroclaw will long remember this day. “It was crazy,” – reveals one of the artists. “Great improvisation!” – adds another. “After his show I understood there’s still a long way ahead for our band,” confessed one jazz visionary of jazz with regret and wonder.
Moved by this warm reception, the dwarf said he had finally found his place on earth. From then he has improvised tirelessly on Oławska Street, under his favorite jazz club. Busker and Music-lover, because of their proximity, spy on the master at work and try to imitate him.

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