City of Children: children will have a taste of adult life in Wroclaw, Milicz and Swidnica

fot. Dolny Śląsk/ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/

fot. Dolny Śląsk/ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/

From July 21 to 24, children will have the opportunity to play the role of adults. In a specially prepared town they will take on the roles of officials, artists and experts to jointly solve tasks put in front of them.

Already this week at the Multifunctional Creative Facility (KOM) in Milicz there will be a colorful town, where children will learn through play. They will have to work, earn money and make important decisions.

The project is being implemented in three cities in Lower Silesia – Wroclaw, Swidnica and Milicz. Among the organizers of the City of Children will be the KOM Foundation of Milicz, which joined this year. Over the next two weeks, children aged 6 to 12 years old from the villages of Milicz and Krosnice may feel invited to create their own small community. At that time, nearly 500 children will have the opportunity to become familiar with different professions presented by about 20 companies.

It will be possible to choose professions such as: banker, filmmaker, photographer, specialist road traffic technician, clerk, journalist, renewable energy expert, gardener, bicycle mechanic, hotelier, translator, carpenter, designer, baker, bodyguard, tinsmith-painter, guard, policeman, an employee of a car wash, naturalist, woodsman. Local companies will help them to take these roles. Children will learn time management, teamwork and the principles of functioning in an organized community.

Logo Miasto Dzieci MiliczAt the beginning, participants will have to report to the specially organized labor office, where they will receive a user ID and an allocation of tasks for the week. For three hours a day children will be taught to work in different occupations and for each hour of work they will receive remuneration in the currency of the Town. An hour of work in the City of Children is worth 8 taurons. Small citizens of the City of Children will be able to decide whether they prefer to spend their earned money right away on treats and small gifts or rather to save, create placements in a real bank and collect money for a dream game or toy that can be later picked up in the Dream Store.

For two weeks, more than 70 volunteers from the different regions of Lower Silesia will work for the children. Patronage of the project, co-financed by the Fund for Civic Initiatives, was taken over by the Children’s Ombudsman Marek Michalak, Marshal of Lower Silesia Cezary Przybylski, Mayor of Milicz Piotr Lech, Mayor of Krośnice Andrzej Biały.

All interested in the project are invited to consult the website of the organizer and the schedule of buses dropping off children to KOM in Milicz, which has been published, among other places, on Facebook.