Christmas Fair 2014 in Wrocław. Soon we will welcome Present-giver dwarf again

Present-giver dwarf appears every year at the Christmas market in the heart of Wrocław. The installation of Christmas decorations is already taking place and the first stalls are gradually appearing. The fair will open on 21st November.

Despite the beautiful fall outside the window, there are already preparations for Christmas underway at the Wrocław Market. The annual fair will open on 21st November, the World Hello Day. On the stalls we will find products for the festive table, and it will be possible to stock up with gifts for loved ones.

As every year, there will be crafts on the market – jewelry, woodwork, clothing, Christmas decorations, hats and gloves, hand-woven tablecloths and napkins.

It will be also possible to purchase local meats, cheeses, honey, baked goods, but also sweets – gingerbread, lollipops, or Hungarian cakes with sugar. On colder days, it will be easy to warm up with the mulled wine in a traditional Wrocław Christmas cup.

This year there will be changes in the fairy-tale forest. The area for children, where one can listen to fairy tales, will undergo a transformation. At the center of the square there will be, among other things, a snowball. At the fair there will also be – as every year – Present-giver dwarf, as well as reindeers, with which one can take a picture.

The fair opens on 21st November at 5 pm and will end on 22nd December.