Christmas at dwarfs’. Take a walk and visit dwarfs that serve borscht and dumplings!

prezentus-2013Who is preparing the dwarf feast this year? It will be done by a great team consisting of: Recycler, Papa Dwarf, Collector, Present-giver, Dumplinger and Stirrer. If you visit them soon, you may be able to sneak a peek at them stirring the borscht.

We recommend starting your walk with a visit to Recycler, who can be found at 31 Świdnicka Street. As you can guess, the ordinary Christmas tree is bit too big for dwarfs, so Recycler is responsible for gathering pine needles, cones, straw and paper waste, in order to create the most beautiful Christmas decorations out of these materials.

A little further on, on Świdnicka, you can find Papa Dwarf, who every year turns into Santa. He gets a special hat, beard and red coat, and he hands out gifts during Christmas dinner. His is responsible for creating a list of gifts and he assigns dwarfs their respective tasks.

Collector, located at Phoenix Trade House, will have to sell a portion of his collection to buy an antique decorative mirror for Narcy, the new binoculars for the Navigator and the first edition of A Christmas Carol for Ossolineo. These unique pieces will be found in an antique shop, and there Collector feels right at home.

Responsibility for the rest of the gifts lies with mission impossible dwarf – Present-giver! He is doing his best so that dreams of dwarfs and humans come true. This year, Miss Delicious wishes she could get a new frying pan, Postman wants new bag for letters, and Traveler wants to visit Lapland. Present-giver has to acquire all the presents and then pack them beautifully.

At the end of our little interactive walk, we recommend you visit a dwarf culinary team. Dumplinger from the 10 Kuźnicza Street has already managed to make plenty of dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, as well as the beloved delicacy of all dwarfs – dumplings with prunes! Of course, on tiny tables there will also be borscht. Naturally, it is stirred by Stirrer Dwarf from the Kotlarska Street. His cauldron is magical, because it can accommodate many liters of Christmas soup.

The map needed to take a walk in the footsteps of Christmas preparations can be found here.